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How to help your lawn survive the extreme heat?

How to help your lawn survive the extreme heat?

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There’s nothing better than relaxing outdoors, having a BBQ with friends and family or even enjoying a game of cricket with a few beers during summer. To make sure your grass stays greener during this extreme heat, you’ll need to keep your ‘pitch’ in shape so you’re ready for the next game. Firstly, let’s just see where you’re at.

Which side does your lawn fall? (It’s okay, we won’t judge).

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 Either way, you have two choices.

  1. Leave your lawn a stray and never use it.
  2. Groom it a little and enjoy it often.
Stay calm, maintaining your lawn isn’t as hard as it seems. So here are a few handy ways to help you.

Best grooming style?

Always keep a bit of length (at least 4cm high), giving the turf room to breathe. Allowing that little extra length creates shade over the soil, which reduces the temperature underneath and lowers the evaporation rate. Many people make the mistake of cutting their lawn way too short; putting the lawn under stress and in desperate need of more nutrients (water/soil) to get it back to where it was.

That smelly stuff?

Ideally you should give your lawn plenty of nutrients prior to summer, which will give it that extra boost to get through the hotter months ahead. As we are in February, the hot days aren’t quite behind us yet, so if you haven’t fertilised it’s best to do so soon. You want to use a good granular slow release fertiliser, which encompasses the following characteristics:
  • Nitrogen. Allows good growth and retains colour.
  • Phosphorous. Establish strong root growth and system.
  • Potassium. To absorb and respire.
Make a rule and feed your lawn at the change of each season, this will allow it to flourish all year round.

How thirsty is it?

Watering for a minimum of one hour, once per week during summer should be adequate to withstand the extreme summer heat. If you water infrequently and deeply into the root system this allows for deeper, stronger root growth that leads to your lawn becoming more drought tolerant. Applying a wetting agent will increase the soil’s water absorbency (particularly on sandy soils) and demonstrate whether your soil is repelling water or not. Lawn Lovers Lawn Soaker is an easy solution that you can do yourself should it resist a drink. Simply apply bottle to the house and spray your entire lawn.

Blast the little pests.

If your lawn is looking a little under the weather and there are some weeds sticking around for summer, give them a taste of a weed killer that is designed to rid the spread of common irritating weeds, and their stay will be short lived.

And then?

With heavy preparation, we cruise through the maintenance. Wouldn’t it be nice to just kickback and let your lawn do its thing whilst your striking the wickets? So go on, spruce up your lawn and get back to enjoying the sunshine!      

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