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Foodbank Produce

Sheoaks rolls up sleeves for Foodbank WA.

Sheoaks rolls up sleeves for Foodbank WA.

Foodbank Produce

Fact: People are starving in Australia.

The words ‘hunger’ and ‘Australia’ aren’t often associated as this is a hidden social issue of which many victims face in silence. Did you know that over two million people (including children) living in Australia rely on food relief each year?
“The current economic climate means people are turning to charity who would never have dreamed of seeking such support in the past. So it’s not just traditionally vulnerable groups such as the homeless seeking food relief, but also the aged, single parents and the working poor.” – Foodbank WA.
Industry research indicates an increase of people requiring food assistance across the country but due to lack of resources and food, almost 60, 000 Australians seeking food relief each month are turned away.

What is Foodbank?

Acting as a pantry to charities and community groups who feed the hungry around the country. Foodbank is the largest hunger relief organisation in Australia, which provided over 40 million meals in 2014 alone. As a non-profit organisation, Foodbank operates with around 90 employees and over 3,000 volunteers, alongside drastically needed support from the community.

How you can help?

There are many ways to get involved with Foodbank WA, such as donating food, funds, services or volunteering your time. For more information on how you can join this vital cause, visit their website:

Collaborating brings more food.

Foodbank Perth has been situated at the Perth Airport since January 2015 and specifically provides food to local agencies and organisations whom distribute food to essential foodbanks and schools throughout WA.

Below is a snapshot of our involvement with Foodbank WA, as you can see there are various planter boxes which have been carefully selected to assist in the growth and nourishment of the produce planted.

The produce is just sprouting through so it will be exciting to see it grow and become food for those whom need it most. It has been so rewarding to work with Foodbank WA and give something back to our local community.

IMAG3890 IMAG3892 IMAG3898


Vertical Garden and Green Roof.

Vertical Garden and Green Roof.

Before you walk into a store, what’s the first thing you notice? You might have glanced in the shop window and spotted an item you want to purchase or perhaps the look and feel of the store caught your eye.. Well, shop fronts are vital at grabbing attention as people walk pass.

So, let’s take a quick look at a recent Vertical Garden and Green Roof we installed at Unit 9/8 Cascara Cnr, Bibra Lakes. It was designed using our Green Wall Bag system, which is developed to survive the extreme heat (above 40c) and to also lower water usage by utilising native and succulent plants.

Industrial appearance (Before).


Green Wall Bag system installed.

During Construction

Native and Succulent plants positioned carefully.

Ready to grow

Green roof taking shape.

Grown out

Even our dog likes it..

This system would be ideal in a court yard situation in any suburb surrounding Perth.
Dalkeith Residential

Inside A Residential Renovation.

Inside A Residential Renovation.

Dalkeith is located in the City of Nedlands, and boasts the scenic Swan River surrounding three sides of the suburb. In the real estate world, Dalkeith is considered an upmarket suburb with an average house price of $2.4 million.

When deciding to renovate, sell or buy, it’s important to consider your current lifestyle and the established relationships with neighbours and the community. A simple breakdown of who lives in Dalkeith is below, which indicates a very family-friendly environment. You can access the breakdown of a suburb by visiting this website:

Breakdown of Dalkeith

 Now that you know a little about Dalkeith, let’s take a look inside the renovation.

The street view of the house which is surrounded by various plants, trees and freshly mowed lawn, creates an inviting feel to the property.

Dalkeith Residential

As we walk around the side of the house, a beautiful array of flowers and shrubbery have been planted to give a natural feel to the exterior whilst eventually it will enhance the screening of the property alongside the existing fence line.

Dalkeith Landscape sidewalk

An outdoor area has been established to create a comfortable and relaxing zone that the whole family can enjoy all year round. With a ceiling fan installed to create a cool flow during summer and down lights fitted so it can be utilised at night time.


Outdoor seating

The outdoor area overlooks a resort style swimming pool, which has been separated by the decking to create a distinction between the entertaining area and the pool.



As we take a step back and see this backyard entertainment area from a distance, you will notice the glass fencing surrounding the pool. This was designed to get the most of the beautiful shrubbery outside the pool area and to make the whole environment inclusive for the whole family to enjoy at once instead of being separated by a plain old looking fence that would otherwise hide the home style resort in the back.

Dalkeith Project

We do the hard work, so you can enjoy your own backyard.


Building community fun.

Building community fun.

We have recently completed a naturescape playground in Beaconsfield near Bruce Lee reserve. It’s always great to help out our local community. Our work enables us to build places for children to play and families to enjoy for many years to come.

More than a log.

Locally sourced timber logs were installed to create a natural contrast whilst providing additional seating or something for the children to run along.


The path to adventure.

A fresh and smooth scooter path was made around the playground and was connected to existing paths surrounding the area. This pathway also had an upgrade to the lighting throughout the park.


Climbing Frame.

Climbing frames were installed to give the kids something different to play on and with the softfall mulch installed for all playareas, it makes a safer environment.

Climbing Frame

How to access the park?

Below you’ll find a basic map including directions on how to get to Bruce Lee and Davis Park via public transport, vehicle or walking. Along with the main facilities the park offers. If you would like to print a copy to take on your park trip, you can download it here.

Bruce Lee and Davis Park  
Be sure to take the youngsters here before the wet winter kicks in.
Green Wall Construction

Green Wall Construction.

Green Wall Construction.

Green walls are great at providing privacy in highly exposed areas like an open carport whilst adding a touch of nature to your backyard.

Scroll below to see how this green wall was constructed and notice the difference with this natural style screening affect.

1 Bicton Green Wall

4 Bicton

2 Bicton Green Wall

7 Bicton

Green Wall Bicton

If you are interested in having a green wall installed, simply get in touch. We can provide guidance, plan and develop green walls to suit you requirements.

Davis & Lawlor Park
City of Melville

Lawlor Davis Park Attadale (Naturescape playground).

Lawlor Davis Park Attadale (Naturescape playground).

We commenced site work for the naturescape playground in February (you can see how the project unfolded here).

Initially this area was an old, deserted park but we transformed it into an inviting naturescape area for everyone to enjoy. It’s rewarding to be part of a community project that now the whole neighbourhood has somewhere new to explore that’s close to home.

Firstly, it was demolition phase. This involved removing all the existing structures that could not be recycled for the naturescape whilst keeping the groovy fish seat that was in good condition. The lifeless grass and shrubbery was dug out and the thriving trees have been incorporated into the naturescape design.

A place to leave your footprints.

A meandering compacted limestone footpath with midland brick edges was incorporated to create a beautiful contrast to the planted areas whilst providing a clear walkway around throughout the naturescape.


Innovative Seat Design.

Quarried Granite boulders were sourced locally and used as feature rocks to surround the play areas and create additional seating. The timber logs were sourced from local tree removal to establish contrast and seating variation.


Softfall Landing.

The play equipment was installed with a softfall mulch for all playareas, which was locally sourced and designed to make a safer environment for children.


Intertwined Walkway.

We installed an exposed aggregate footpath to connect both streets for pedestrians, bikes and prams to access easily.


Putting the NATURE in naturescape.

The soft landscaped areas were planted using a palette of native plants. Overall, 970 shrubs and trees were planted inside the naturescape.


We hope you enjoy the naturescape and create some great memories.


Rendezvous Hotel Lagoon-style Pool

Rendezvous Hotel Lagoon-style Pool.


The Rendezvous Hotel is situated overlooking the scenic Scarborough Beach. The hotel aims
to provide guests with a relaxing and superior stay with many admirable attractions on offer.
With 336 rooms accommodating for a significant number of people, the pool area was in
desperate need of a makeover to stay consistent with the prestigious image of the hotel.

Project Brief.

Located on the 4th floor is the pool deck, which was built in 1986 and since then hasn’t had
any major changes. With nearly three decades past, the Rendezvous Hotel pool area was in
need of a refurbishment. The design was to establish a lagoon-style pool facility where guests
can enjoy the serenity and have plenty of space to relax.



  • Before the revamp was undertaken, we needed to remove all existing plants along with
    three Canary Island Date palms and trim the existing palms.
  • We pulled up the remaining artificial turf covering over 500m2 and then dug out 300mm
    of topsoil from all areas.
  • The artificial rock facade of 400m2 was cleaned back for a recoat
  • The existing irrigation system wasn’t functioning so it was uninstalled and taken away.


  • The restoration began by layering the shrub beds with top soil and planting with
    Agapanthus, Lomandra, Dianella Lirope, Arthropodium and Plumeria.
  • New artificial lawn was cut to size and installed in the allocated zones.
  • The artificial rock area was retouched and painted to recreate the natural look and
    lagoon-style pool area.
  • A new irrigation system was fitted and connected to all shrubbery and palm trees.


The refurbishment went smoothly and the completed pool area is ready for the next hotel
guests to make the most of.

rendezvous pool deck area
Stage 1

Vertical Gardens – Project Summary.

Vertical Gardens – Project Summary.

Design Brief

Sheoaks was asked to install a vertical garden at a residential property to provide an easily accessible vegetable and herb garden for the family to utilise. In addition, as the fence is lowthere isn’t a lot of privacy between neighbours so this vertical garden also acts as a screento separate two properties.

Stage 1

Stage 1

Project Scope

A 1.2 by 5 metre vertical garden was designed and installed at 600mm above ground level to achieve the desired height to provide some required privacy. The project involved over 100 plants with 6 different types of native and vegetables used.

Stage 2

Stage 2


The vertical garden offers many advantages whilst providing vegetables and herbs, it also was designed to be a feature wall and so the plant palette consisted of planting native plants, vegetables and herbs. This was broken down into a ratio of 70% native plants with there maining 30% consisting of a mix of vegetables and herbs to allow for all year round interest, contrast and food production. The positioning of the vegie/herb patch was installed to beoptimal height to allow all members of the family to pick and be involved and so it was centredat the bottom of the wall.


When designing gardens whether it is on the ground, roof or fence it’s important to consider the maintenance of the plants and ensure a sufficient water supply is installed to allow for hassle free after care. We integrated the irrigation system into the home automated system to allow regular water. We use our own custom designed vertical garden bags so that watering of the garden is less frequent due to their water reservoir. In addition, any over flow of water from the vertical garden would drain into the garden area beneath.

Stage 3

Stage 3


The family were pleased with their innovative vegie garden, which is a well constructed lightweight and sustainable vertical garden that was the ideal solution to provide privacy, produce food, creates a colourful fence filled with native plants and even gives back to the local fauna. Stage 4
Davis Lawlor Park 3

Naturescape In Attadale – Progress Update.

It’s always exciting watching a project come to life. We began planning for the naturescape in
Attadale a while back and since then construction has been well underway. So we wanted to
show you a glimpse of how our landscaping work unfolds.

Ground Work.

At the beginning of any construction site, you must get the foundations right.
We carefully map out where the paths, plants and play equipment will sit and ensure
everything fits to scale how it were initially sketched it.

Phase 1

More Ground Work..

A few weeks into building the nature park and the layout of the park is more
visible. As you can see we are almost ready to complete the walk way.

Phase 2 (1)

A Windy Road.

We can now walk comfortably around the site with the footpath being finished
with brick edging.

Davis Lawlor Park 3

Almost Complete.

The playground is starting to come together with some equipment that has now
been installed (we might have to take advantage of the hammock at smoko).

Davis Lawlor Park 2

As you can see, it could very well be a great place for your kids to play.

Sheoaks Landscapes

Are you looking for something different in your garden?

Are you looking for something different in your garden?

Are you tired of that bland wall in your backyard? Perhaps wanting to spruce up your garden but not sure how to? Have you considered installing a green wall?

Sheoaks Landscaping - Green Walls

Green wall? What’s that?

It’s commonly referred to as a vertical garden, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

How do I find someone to install a green wall?

Local landscaping companies in your area may offer a green wall installation  but you should do your research to ensure you are receiving a genuine service as it takes precision and planning for all the foundations to be accurate and allow plants to grow. Sheoaks Landscaping has been installing vertical gardens since 2008, providing a complete service from design, supply and installation. Perth’s Climate is extreme so it requires the ideal combination of soil mixes and specific plants that are suitable to grow in a vertical plain. Sheoaks Landscaping have developed, tested and installed several Growing Systems to suit different conditions.

green wall

The possibilities are endless.

A green wall can be adapted to suit your interior décor, urban design or outdoor landscape. So if you want something different, we are the people to call.  

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