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Are you looking for something different in your garden?

Are you looking for something different in your garden?

Are you tired of that bland wall in your backyard? Perhaps wanting to spruce up your garden but not sure how to? Have you considered installing a green wall?

Sheoaks Landscaping - Green Walls

Green wall? What’s that?

It’s commonly referred to as a vertical garden, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

How do I find someone to install a green wall?

Local landscaping companies in your area may offer a green wall installation  but you should do your research to ensure you are receiving a genuine service as it takes precision and planning for all the foundations to be accurate and allow plants to grow. Sheoaks Landscaping has been installing vertical gardens since 2008, providing a complete service from design, supply and installation. Perth’s Climate is extreme so it requires the ideal combination of soil mixes and specific plants that are suitable to grow in a vertical plain. Sheoaks Landscaping have developed, tested and installed several Growing Systems to suit different conditions.

green wall

The possibilities are endless.

A green wall can be adapted to suit your interior décor, urban design or outdoor landscape. So if you want something different, we are the people to call.  

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